"FASCINATING, ENERGETIC, SURPRISING, diversified, friendly and humbling.

It is not possible to see Cuba without feeling it."


"If we could only go to two places in Cuba,  they would have to be Havana and Vinales."
"To know La Habana you must walk its streets,  talk with its people and swing your hips to its music."
Santa Clara  
"Though touched by historic events since its founding, today's Santa Clara is known as 'Che's Town' "
"Being around friendly Cubans going about their daily lives can sometimes make the best of memories."
"It's winding streets, designed to confuse pirates, now delight visitors."
Santiago de Cuba  
"With a song on your lips and a salsa in your step ... make your own memories in Santiago de Cuba."
"This natural Cuban treasure is being discovered ... again. First by Columbus and now by the appreciative traveller."
Introduction to "Images of Cuba"