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My name is Ted.  I'm pleased to meet you.

Would you like to travel with me as I go to different countries, meet people, animals, birds, fish and other teddy bears and learn about how they live and what they do?

Great !   Just hang on to your mouse, click on a title below and ...
let's go !
Just Like Me
A poem about teddy bears around the world.
Ted Goes Bananas
A story about Ted in an island jungle looking for something to eat.
Obie Ostrich
Come to South Africa and meet Obie Ostrich.  He'll tell us about the world's largest bird.
Ali Abba and the Flying Carpet
A story from Turkey about Ted meeting Ali Abba, a magic flying carpet and the strange land of Cappadocia.
Stone Soup
An old fable retold.  A story of how Ted and his good friend, Porridge, showed a village during hard times the joy of cooperation and sharing ... and they did it with a pot, a spoon and a stone.  
Rice is Nice

Come to China and meet A.J.; together we will see how rice is grown. 
This is Patches.  He decided to travel like his big brother, Ted, but rather than going with Terry and Sherrie he is going to travel from geocache to geocache with new friends he meets along the way. 

Where has he been?  WHERE IS HE NOW?    click here to find out!